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Why Get a Massage?​

At Le Chateaux Rejuve Massage in Roswell, New Mexico and Lubbock, Texas,  I eagerly provide you with all the information that you need. I believe that by giving people sufficient knowledge to guide them through the process of recovery, therapy becomes successful. 

There are important things you need to know to be able to find your way to long-term wellness. Knowing about the benefits of massage is that first step in the right direction.

Relieves Pain in a Non-Invasive Way

For people experiencing chronic pain or cramps brought about by strenuous physical activity, massage therapy helps alleviate pain the holistic and non-invasive way. Depending on your state of health or tolerance, there are techniques that can reduce or prevent recurring aches and discomforts.

Relieves Stress

Getting a regular massage keeps stress hormone levels under check. A full-body massage immerses you in serene relaxation. Your body and mind achieve sleep state that allows you to get a much-needed power nap. Reduced stress levels enhance mood, boost immunity, and prevent the development of stress-related diseases.

Improves Circulation

Applying a precise amount of pressure to stimulate muscles and assuage pain activates the circulatory system to pump more oxygen and nutrients into tissues and organs. This improves blood flow, removes waste away from muscles and internal organs, and lowers blood pressure. 

Boosts Immunity

Having a strong immune system helps you fend off colds and fight infections. Massage therapy increases your body’s natural ability to protect itself. Certain massage techniques improve the flow of lymph. This is a bodily fluid that fights infection and disease, and also removes excess lymph through manual drainage.

Enhances Posture and Flexibility

Massage therapy loosens and relaxes muscles instrumental to relieving pressure points and providing joints with a greater range of motion. This enables the body to position itself properly and develop a natural posture that doesn’t cause pain.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Hypertension is a serious condition that can lead to heart attacks, kidney failures, or strokes. Stress, anxiety, and anger often trigger hypertensive attacks. Having regular massages lowers blood pressure by reducing the stress hormone levels that cause depression, anxiety, and anger. 

Relaxes Muscles and the Mind

Massage therapy activates the body's parasympathetic nervous system that controls your ability to feel good. By easing the tension in overworked muscles and breaking up adhesions that cause discomfort, a calming effect is achieved and the mind and body go into rest mode.

Rehabilitates Injuries

Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other forms of rehabilitation are important to the healing process. This is where massage therapy gets into the picture as a supplement to standard rehabilitation. It increases circulation, relaxes muscles, improves flexibility and posture, and speeds up recovery.

Flushes Toxins

Regular massages effectively flush out lactic acid in muscles, promote sinus drainage, loosen mucus in the lungs, and break up scar tissue. Doing so effectively cancels out fatigue, improves stamina, and accelerates the healing of muscle tears or injuries.

Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

Regular massage routines help regulate the blood sugar levels of those with or without diabetes. With blood sugar levels reduced, the body benefits from greater mobility and elasticity. Massage therapy also lowers anxiety and depression levels in children with diabetes.